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  • OUR ethos is in our name | Click on the plus sign to read more…
OUR ethos is in our name | Click on the plus sign to read more…

Our ethos is in our name:
ED stands for education: Everton’s experience as an educator and his personality shaped his highly effective communication skillset.
VO stands for vocation: Everybody has a talent – and Everton will help you develop it!
CAP stands for capital: Capitalising on what you do best can be tricky. Everton’s understanding of the word also includes human capital. He will help you flourish financially and improve your lifestyle.

Our full executive advisory and making business digital services can trace its commercial origins back to the summer of 2017. However the journey that brought us to that point is a far longer one. Our journey started as a thirteen (13) year old masonry apprentice, during school vacations until age nineteen. This was followed by teacher training college at age seventeen (17) earning a teachers diploma, with an elective in Design and Technology at nineteen (19). My first pedagogical classroom practice ended at age twenty-seven (27) to focus on developing systems, including accounting for my first entrepreneurial experience.

At age twenty-five (25) I started my first business and learnt how to navigate undercapitalisation, with quintessential product design over fourteen (14) years. At forty (40) I closed my first entrepreneurial chapter and migrated to England. Here I worked in a cabinet factory assembling cabinets, taught in a preparatory school as head of D&T, worked for many business brands in their accounting department, did my MBA at age (50) and continues to study the ACCA to gain deeper insight into my entrepreneurial experience. This cross-sector practice and professional training has shaped EDVOCAP.


Everton Wilson

Our founder has an MBA and a passion for people and business. He is fun to work with and trained as a design and technology teacher in his late teens, thrived as an award-winning entrepreneur throughout his 20s and 30s, worked for globally successful business brands and has spent over 30 years building businesses, accounting systems and mentoring a wide variety of people – from the unemployed and corporates to footballers. Subsequently helping them to gain the financial insights they needed to transform their lives as he has transformed his.

Today, supported by a team of accomplished accountants and educators, he has created a unique brand committed to – “raising people up, to strive and elevate their knowledge, fortitude and dreams in spite of external circumstances…”

Trainer Mentor Founder


MBA | FCMI | Dip.ed | ACCA (QBE/PQ)




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