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Business Advisory is at the heart of what we do at EDVOCAP

From the beginning of our story working in manufacturing in the Caribbean, EDVOCAP brings decades of international experience in finance, management, training and digitalisation for both UK based and international firms.

Our founder, Everton Wilson started working as a business advisor over 30 years ago, taking a tiny business which was making only a few hundred dollars to on with multi-million dollar turnover in the space of three years. Being a Business Advisor, Everton can take you on the journey from start-up to scale-up with insightful guidance, rigorous training and most importantly giving you the tools you need to continue flourishing long after his work is done with you.

The clue is in the name – EDVOCAP
ED stands for education: We guide, teach and advise your team. Years of teaching and learning is the bedrock of our skills.
VO stands for vocation: We bring out the best in your team whilst helping you discover your true vocation.
CAP stands for capital: We understand that capital is both human and financial. Through our Business Advisory service we’ll help you maximise both.

Big companies can sometimes overlook the human capital of business. This is can often be the starting point for things going down the drain.
EDVOCAP’s Business Advisory service can help by setting up your business in such a way, that your human capital, or rather your workforce can be unshackled from the inefficient tasks, and you can focus on the things that matter: Creating great products, looking after your clients, delivering bespoke services. SIMPLE.

With so much competition out there, you need to be operating a business which ticks on without you having to worry about the bureaucracy. So how do you do this?
Focus on the things you love by digitalising the things you find tedious.
With EDVOCAP’s Digital Accounting Solutions, you can make your business hum like a finely-tuned Rolls-Royce engine. Take the paper out and bring the passion back into your business.


Everton Wilson

After a flying career in manufacturing and education Everton Wilson turned his focus to becoming Business Advisor over 20 years ago.

A titan of a man with a giant passion for teaching and seeing things flourish, Everton’s big break in business came when he took on the challenge of turning a shoe-box sized manufacturing business in Trinidad and Tobago into a 90,000 square foot juggernaut. Within the space of three years a minus producing just few hundred dollars had become a multi-million dollar cash cow.

After a series of awards, including EY Entrepreneur of The Year nomination, Everton worked for a variety of global brands before setting up EDVOCAP to help his clients reverse engineering the dream. EDVOCAP’s mission has always been to empower people to be independent while giving themselves the skills to be able to make the most of their talents.

In short? Set things up right to give you a clear strategy, quality tools and set you on the path to a robust financial future for your business.

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