Being an executive means to have a clear vision of your company, through the good times and the bad. With 30+ years of experience, EDVOCAP’S C-Level Leadership brings clarity to the functioning of organisations.

After decades of working in companies across the UK and the Caribbean, EDVOCAP has a proven track record of creating teams, measuring business performance and improving results.

From the ground up, EDVOCAP has created and maintained thriving enterprises in the fields of Manufacturing, Education, Aerospace, Retail, Sports and many more.

The Experience

● Grew startup over fourteen years
● Trained and managed a team of twenty-five
● Developed international supply chain relationships
● Nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year
● Paperless accounting and CAD manufacturing using Peachtree by Sage and Cabinet Vision
Business Development Management
Wilsons Millworks

EDVOCAP’S C-Level Leadership keeps the words of it’s founder Everton Wilson. True to its company ethos:

“We raise people up, to strive and elevate their knowledge, fortitude and dreams in spite of any external circumstances…”:

Our business planning empowers teams and build capacity to drive sustainable growth.

Learn an accounting framework that guarantees clean accountability and paperless data.

We identify your business’ value and identify its human and capital resource needs.

LEAN MANAGEMENT in making business digital




● Motivate and inspire teams
● Build more productive relationships
● Create net zero accountability frameworks
● Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) on a specific goal



Leadership Resilience and Management

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Founding Mother

Disciplined Planner



  To create a LEAN business… Plan, Do, Check, Act, (PDCA) plus seek out More Knowledgeable Others (MKO) to create a total quality culture. EDVOCAPS’ combined CEO + CFO C-Level Leadership and Accounting ‘making business digital’ focus, see this as an opportunity to create LEAN businesses. Therefore embrace this unique recapitalisation moment to apply skillsets and transform […]

Everton Wilson: With an inspirational story in making business digital, education, manufacturing etc, Welink Accountants speaks to the founder of EDVOCAP to lighten up our day. Summary: Part 1: Can you introduce yourself please?  Everton Wilson, father of two gifted young men and founder of EDVOCAP.   Part 2: How did you get started?  I […]

  My father Harold R. Wilson The More Knowledgeable Other (MKO), introduced me to the great game of cricket and the world of business as a child. He seemed to be creating a zone of proximal development (ZPD) to transfer his passion to me, by naming me Everton, teaching me to bowl left hand and bat […]